Thursday, October 24, 2013

Carry them close to your heart

How about having all your loved ones' initials stamped and worn on a chain?
Makes nice gifts for mothers <3 
N 06

Three round charms. 16" silver-plated ball chain.
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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Remembering that special day ♡

Numbers are significant too :)

N 05

1.5cm round brass charm. Heart brass charm. Freshwater pearl. Purple Czech glass beads. 16" silver plated ball chain.
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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Font type

Hey all! Since some have enquired, will just drop a note here to let you know I only have one font type currently. More to come soon if all goes well! =) Thanks!!

Initial charm with freshwater pearl

N 04

1cm stainless steel heart charm with Freshwater pearl. 16" silver plated rolo chain.
Customized for N (Thank you!)
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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Breastfeeding with love!

N 03

1.5 cm brass charm. 16" silver plated ball chain.
Requested by a brave mother who's proudly breastfeeding. Kudos for giving the best to your baby!
Words can be customized (will let you know if the letters don't fit!).
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Initial charm with birthstone

Simple yet cherishable. Makes a lovely bridesmaid gift.
N 02
 Charm is 1cm stainless steel. Chain is silver plated and 16" long.
Personalized with an initial and topped with a Swarovski birthstone.

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Choose your birthstone. 

Bring on the love

Stamped jewelry makes great gift for your loved ones. It's a great way to show them how precious they are to you.

                                                  N 01
 1.5cm brass charm. Swarovski bead. 16" silver plated rolo chain.
Personalized for S & G.
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Please click on the picture for more info.


Photo: Rm14 / Sgd7. Aluminium rectangle charm with name hand stamped. Silver plated chain in 16". Max 8 characters in uppercase.  Max 9 characters in lowercase. Letters are not darkened, giving it an elegant look. Personalize yours!

Photo: Can't think of what to get for that special someone?? Why not a personalized handstamped necklace?This makes a wonderful keepsake gift for her. And it's so affordable too! :)RM16/SGD8. This is a 2.2 x 2.2cm brass heart charm. A bow design is handstamped on it together with name EDEN in this sample. Chain is antique bronze in 16 inches.

Photo: Perfect to hold the special people in your life.This makes a wonderful keepsake gift. And it's so affordable too! RM22/SGD11. Three brass heart charms with an initial on each. You can opt for less charms or more added. Chain is silver plated in 16 inches.


All chains for necklaces will come in 16" unless stated otherwise.
If chain length is not instructed in your order, 16" will be shipped to you.
You can choose lengths of 18", 20", 22". Preferred length for longer chains are 24" to 30". 

16" - 18" is RM7 / SGD3.50.
There will be extra charges for lengths 20" and above:
20"- 22" ---> Add RM1.5 / SGD 0.80
24"- 26" ---> Add RM3 / SGD1.60
28"- 30" ---> Add RM4.50 / SGD2.40

The chain for each bracelet is at a fixed RM5 /SGD2.50.

**Chains for Floating Lockets**
Chains for floating lockets are especially given a special discount for all floating locket orders.
Each chain for floating lockets is a fixed RM5 / SGD2.50 for lengths 16" - 22".
There will be an additional RM1.50 / SGD0.80 for lengths beyond 22". 

Please quote item code for reference.

Ball 01
Silver plated ball chain
(Diameter of each ball is slightly bigger than the petite versions.)
Ball 02
Petite silver plated ball chain I

Ball 03
Petite bright silver plated ball chain II

Gold 01
Gold plated ball chain.
Available in 16" only.
Gold 02
Gold plated cable chain

Cab 01
Bright silver plated cable chain
Cab 02
Silver plated textured cable chain
Cab 03
               Petite bright silver plated textured cable chain                

Cab 04
Rose gold plated cable chain
Cab 05
Antique bronze cable chain


For those who would like to choose your charms, here is a guide.

If you want to purchase the charm alone, kindly state if its for a necklace or charm bracelet.
Please let me know what you'd like to be stamped and I'll let you know if it fits onto the charm of your choice.

If you want your charms shaped into a dome, it's only RM2 / SGD1 to have done per charm (last picture).

Before shipping, each charm will be coated with a special kind of wax to protect it from tarnishing caused by contact with air and skin oils. The wax also resists liquid spillage and finger marks.

*Please be sure of the charm size before ordering. Thank you!*

Note: Stamping up to 5 characters is FREE. 
6-10 characters >> add RM2 / SGD1
11 and up >> add RM3 / SGD1.50
(This is for stamping on any one charm.)

Brass circle charm. RM5 / SGD2.50

Brass heart charm I. RM5 / SGD2.50

Brass heart charm II. RM6 / SGD3

Brass heart charm III. RM5 / SGD2.50

Brass guitar pick. RM18 / SGD9

Brass rhombus charm. RM8 / SGD4

Aluminium rectangle charm. RM5 / SGD2.5

Aluminium circle charm. RM6 / SGD3
Bronze circle charm. RM6 / SGD3

Nugold circle charms.
1cm - RM5 / SGD2.50
1.2cm - RM6 / SGD3
2.5cm - RM10 / SGD5

Nugold circle charm. RM7 / SGD3.50

Nickel circle silver charms.
1cm - RM5 /SGD2.50
1.2cm - RM6 / SGD3 (SOLD OUT)
2.5cm - RM10 / SGD5

Silver tone stainless steel charms (max 2 characters).
0.8cm - RM4 /SGD2
1cm - RM5 /SGD2.50 (Selling fast)

Silver tone stainless steel heart charm (max 2 characters).
RM5 / SGD2.50

Doming at just RM2 /SGD1.

Little enchantments

Want to add on little enchantments? Sure
Wonder if it can be removed from the necklace photos you saw? No problem
Change, add or remove little enchantments according to your liking :)

RM1 each
SGD0.50 each

RM2.50 each
SGD 1.20 each

RM2 each
SGD1 each

RM4.90 each
SGD2.40 each

RM3.90 each
SGD1.90 each