Thursday, October 17, 2013

How to order

If you're interested simply place your order by sending an email to

You can order items that are already pre-designed or you could design your own.
For your own designs, you can mix and match charms, chains, etc to your own liking.
You are welcome to order just the charms(with your desired handstamped text) alone as well.

In your email/whatsapp kindly provide the following:
1) Item code or Your own design
2) Letters/short text to be stamped (number of characters allowed depends on size of charm)
3) Postal address
4) Any other details ie. font style, change chain length, add/remove/change little enchantments, etc

For Floating Lockets
Simply follow steps HERE and state in your order the following details:
1. Locket
2. Charms
3. Chain + chain length
4. Handstamped charm + text to be stamped
5. Dangle
6. Lastly, Postal Address

Not ready to order and have questions?  Feel free to email me :)

Please proceed to read THIS before purchasing.