Thursday, October 17, 2013


For those who would like to choose your charms, here is a guide.

If you want to purchase the charm alone, kindly state if its for a necklace or charm bracelet.
Please let me know what you'd like to be stamped and I'll let you know if it fits onto the charm of your choice.

If you want your charms shaped into a dome, it's only RM2 / SGD1 to have done per charm (last picture).

Before shipping, each charm will be coated with a special kind of wax to protect it from tarnishing caused by contact with air and skin oils. The wax also resists liquid spillage and finger marks.

*Please be sure of the charm size before ordering. Thank you!*

Note: Stamping up to 5 characters is FREE. 
6-10 characters >> add RM2 / SGD1
11 and up >> add RM3 / SGD1.50
(This is for stamping on any one charm.)

Brass circle charm. RM5 / SGD2.50

Brass heart charm I. RM5 / SGD2.50

Brass heart charm II. RM6 / SGD3

Brass heart charm III. RM5 / SGD2.50

Brass guitar pick. RM18 / SGD9

Brass rhombus charm. RM8 / SGD4

Aluminium rectangle charm. RM5 / SGD2.5

Aluminium circle charm. RM6 / SGD3
Bronze circle charm. RM6 / SGD3

Nugold circle charms.
1cm - RM5 / SGD2.50
1.2cm - RM6 / SGD3
2.5cm - RM10 / SGD5

Nugold circle charm. RM7 / SGD3.50

Nickel circle silver charms.
1cm - RM5 /SGD2.50
1.2cm - RM6 / SGD3 (SOLD OUT)
2.5cm - RM10 / SGD5

Silver tone stainless steel charms (max 2 characters).
0.8cm - RM4 /SGD2
1cm - RM5 /SGD2.50 (Selling fast)

Silver tone stainless steel heart charm (max 2 characters).
RM5 / SGD2.50

Doming at just RM2 /SGD1.