Thursday, October 17, 2013


All chains for necklaces will come in 16" unless stated otherwise.
If chain length is not instructed in your order, 16" will be shipped to you.
You can choose lengths of 18", 20", 22". Preferred length for longer chains are 24" to 30". 

16" - 18" is RM7 / SGD3.50.
There will be extra charges for lengths 20" and above:
20"- 22" ---> Add RM1.5 / SGD 0.80
24"- 26" ---> Add RM3 / SGD1.60
28"- 30" ---> Add RM4.50 / SGD2.40

The chain for each bracelet is at a fixed RM5 /SGD2.50.

**Chains for Floating Lockets**
Chains for floating lockets are especially given a special discount for all floating locket orders.
Each chain for floating lockets is a fixed RM5 / SGD2.50 for lengths 16" - 22".
There will be an additional RM1.50 / SGD0.80 for lengths beyond 22". 

Please quote item code for reference.

Ball 01
Silver plated ball chain
(Diameter of each ball is slightly bigger than the petite versions.)
Ball 02
Petite silver plated ball chain I

Ball 03
Petite bright silver plated ball chain II

Gold 01
Gold plated ball chain.
Available in 16" only.
Gold 02
Gold plated cable chain

Cab 01
Bright silver plated cable chain
Cab 02
Silver plated textured cable chain
Cab 03
               Petite bright silver plated textured cable chain                

Cab 04
Rose gold plated cable chain
Cab 05
Antique bronze cable chain